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By choosing D&L Eloquent Adornments will put together the perfect package to fit your needs.

We will begin with setting up a complimentary consultation. At this meeting, we will get to

know you and you will get know us. We will listen as you give us a glimpse in to your vision.

Of what you envisioned your special day to look like. With this we will then determine

weather our services will meet your personal needs. If we are able to accommodate you in

make your visions come to life. We will then discuss service fees and recommend a approach

to get started on your project. Sorry no quotes or prices will be giving on suit other then

prices on packages already post on suit . Will need to call for price quotes.

6 Table covers (seats 6-8 pieces)
6 Center pieces
24 Latex helium ballons
8 Foil ballons
Basic party banner
Streamer(celling decor)
3 Candy dishes(your choice)
Cups, plates. napkins, plastic ware